June 22, 2010


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You see people –they are miserable because they have compromised on every point,and they cannot forgive themselves because they have compromised.They know that they could have dared, but they proved coward.
In their own eyes they have fallen, they have lost self-respect.

That’s what compromise does.


June 21, 2010

help each other

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It always happens that when people are alone they  become fed up with their aloneness.They are sad,but calm and quiet;not excited about life.So they seek somebody,some relationship,and then the excitement comes,but with it  come many problems – anger , fight , jealousy, and a thousand and one other things.

Unless you can be calm and quiet in love,love is not going to solve anything.It has to be understood that love it itself,or just by having a relationship with someone,is not going to give you happiness,unless you bring happiness with you.And if you don’t have happiness,it is better to be alone.

And this always happens:unhappy people seek a relationship,thinking they are unhappy because they are alone.That is not the real thing,They are unhappy-whether they are alone or in a relationship makes no difference.And when you are together your unhappiness will become more intense;it cannot disappear just  by being together.You have to drop it.

Always remember that when someone is with you,he is with you to be happy.Everybody is seeking his own happiness.but whenever someone is in love,you start having illusion that he is seeking your happiness.Why should he be?

If you both bring happiness,the relationship can be beautiful;otherwise it is going to be on the rocks any day.So whenever a relationship start it is good,because both are deceiving each other unknowingly.Only the beautiful face is there,and only when things settle does the ugly face come up.Then reality erupts and things go wrong.

If you feel that you have to cathart,then close the room and cathart a pillow.Why destroy a relationship for it?Everyone is seeking,his own happiness and there is nothing wrong in it.That’s the only way to seek happiness.If you are together,help each other.If you feel it is harmful separate.But remember,it is not only with this relationship;it is going to be so.

One should learn from every experience.Nothing is bad because everything can become a learning.


June 20, 2010


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all is well

I look behind and after,

And find that all is right,

I my deepest sorrow,

There is a Soul of Light.


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Ekhan ta tei amar basha

Amar bari shari shari.

The Saddest Man In The World

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At the top of the tallest building in the world….

…Sat the saddest man in the world.

and inside the man was the lonliest heart in the world

and inside the heart was the deepest pit in the world

and at the bottom of the pit was the blackest mud in the world

and in the mud lay the lightest, lovliest, tenderest, most beautiful,
happy angel in the universe.

So things weren’t so bad after all.

Michael Leunig

June 15, 2010

Morning shows the day

It was 8 o’clock in the morning.I was still in my bed.Opened my eyes.Sunshine.Oh no!

Jesus Christ Its another day again.I want to sleep again.
I closed my eyes to sleep again.Alas!!!.All doors were closed for the ‘Land Of Sleep’ as it was  8 am.

I opened my eyes.Turned around my  bed.
Oh my God.

A man in white clothes was just sitting  behind my bed, waiting for a joyfull  glance of mine.
Greeted me “Hi Dude Watz Up?.”
I said “Nothing new but Who are you?
He said “I read all your posts in wordpress,as i do with others.
I am an invisible(generally) person who reads every posts those get published to wordpress database.”

I said “Oh thanks,but are my posts are nice in wordress?
Will they would bring traffic?
Will people be liking my posts?
Will i be getting google adds?
What do you say?”
He said :”Joy, POSTS to me is

P – Purely
O – Original content which
S – Sounds
T –  True in all
S – Situations.”

I maintain a InspiredBloggerList of mine for those whose posts meets this criteria.
I said :”What the F ?!!!Am i doing all this to get into ur fking InspiredBloggerList.
I mean who are you?Why should I write  the way you mentioned it.?”

He said smilingly : “Joy,those enlisted in InspiredBloggerList recieves inspiration silently.Isn’t that?”
and got vanished.

I was bedazzled,perplexed,confused.
what had happened to me?
With whom I was talking few minutes back?
What’s the time now?
its 8:30 am only Jesus Christ.
Common Joy Its another Day and let’s start it as better we can.

wait a minute ?
You said ‘we can’ right Joy?
‘We’ means???
Who is the 2nd person in ‘We’
ist person is me.
next person is Jesus.
Arise Joy Its Today.

June 13, 2010

Inner Speech Is The Secret to Success

You sometimes have to prove yourself all over again,to  your own self!One effective way to mount over your limitations and broom away persistent self-defeating behaviour is to change your inner speech.Let us admit that during most of our walking hours we are  thinking,and this thinking involves a good deal of language or self-talk.

The idea is to change this self-talk to a positive one.When you chat with yourself,say sweet words.Uncover the damaging sentences you often repeat under your breath,without ever quite realising  it.

Expose your irrationality by stating them clearly,and replace them with more realistic by stating them clearly,less punishing statements.Switch from ‘I do it all wrong’ to ‘I can finally do it right’,from ‘nobody  loves me’ to ‘they do care’,from ‘I am a loser’ to ‘I am completely competent’.

Plant inspirations in place of self-accusations.Reserve notes of praise,encouragement and courage for your inner ears.We know that words have tremendous power.One letter here and there is the difference between an argument and an agreement.The moment you reverse your inner dialoue,your emotions reverse.

The content of negativity in your bloodstream dilutes and your dying conviction in your capability revives.It’s not a surprise that a mere mental repetition of positive syllabels even without true conviction brings about sea change.Now,if a nagging voice is telling you it can’t be that simple,challenge it!

“Sincerity is  prerequisite for anything serious to happen.”

–The Answer Lies Within by Rachna Singh

June 12, 2010

Accept YourSelf

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When you don’t accept  yourself,you become oversensitive to rejection.
When you don’t accept yourself you lose faith every time you trip over an old weakness.
When you don’t accept yourself,you try to beat others rather than seeking your best.
When you don’t  accept yourself,you overvalue material things.
When you don’t  accept yourself, you always feel lonely,and being with other people doesn’t seem to help.
When you don’t  accept yourself, you live in past.
Acceptance is not a hopeless position from which you can grow.
If you accept all of your life,none of it will have been wasted.
When you don’t  accept yourself,you dread what each day may   reveal about you.
When you don’t  accept yourself,the truth becomes your enemy.
When you don’t  accept yourself,you have no place to hide.
Accepting yourself is everything.
If you accept yourself,you can accept world.

I accept all of the parts of who I am .

What I cannot accept I forgive.

David Viscott

( Finding your Strength in Difficult Times)

June 11, 2010

pakachiki rhythm

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Sing with me my Pakachiki tune
dhum dhinak dhum , dhinak dhinak dhum , dhum dhinak dhum,  dhinak dhina
dhum tinak  dhum , tinak tinak  dhum, dhum  tinak dhum, tinak tina.
dhum dhinak dhum ,dhinak dhinak dhum, dhum dhinak dhum dhinak dhina,
dhum tinak  dhum,  tinak tinak  dhum, dhum  tinak dhum, tinak tina.
dhum dhinak dhum, dhinak dhinak dhum ,dhum dhinak dhum, dhinak dhina
dhum tinak  dhum,  tinak tinak  dhum, dhum  tinak dhum, tinak tina.

June 10, 2010


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  1. One who doesn’t attends oneself seeks others attention.
  2. For  the assurance of comfort we are ready to be in pain.
  3. You can’t deceive your destiny.
  4. Assumption + Conclusion = Decision
  5. Confusion is best teacher for clarity.
  6. Live an unplanned Life.
  7. Intention Speaks.
  8. After commiting  a mistake , we know it as a mistake.
  9. Life is wild  flower.
  10. Its better to decide now than to regret later.
  11. We can’t change ourself we only pretend to be.
  12. What i write is what I’m confused about.
  13. Even though this palce  is crowded,i’ve my own small little place to stand.
  14. Code your way to Life.
  15. I ‘ve only seen her once,then often,then never ever.
  16. The phrase  ‘You Don’t  Love Me Anymore ‘ can be best realized when I  have stopped relating and have started expecting in a relationship.
  17. Don’t leave me‘ I guess it means  I ‘ve not accepted myself yet.
  18. Only when you can find your ‘you’ in something you become that thing.
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