June 10, 2010

Just a minute

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Just a minute.Wait a minute. Now just don’t mess with me.I have messed up my life.Its chaotic . Scattered . Dispersed.Shattered, and when all hope shatters Llife reveals for the first time.For the first time in your life you will be looking  at your face  in the  mirror and you will be  knowing  yourself as  a ‘Stranger’.

With this  strangeness  when in the midst of everything  in the market place  or in the bus sitting just behind the window you attend your own center of  heart.Known  that there is a small wild  growing flower trying to bloom through you arranging circumstances  of your  life all required for its proper inner growth.Just let it grow by itself   .You shifted your awareness from periphery to your own  center.And  you ‘ve  known You.Your strangeness goes deeper and deeper leaving all your verbalizable  identitites  to a non-verbalizable unknown self.

You reached  your Self.You reached  yourself.  Self  .This is what i call  Darshan which is a Darshan in itself.No more dogmas,beliefs semi god or demi god are required.One gulp and straight flat to the earth.


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