September 8, 2012

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Koto loke porche ekhon,
Notun pata roj,
Ager pata har mene jay,
Otit obhijog.

Notun pata bodhur saaje,
Pochonde udhhar,
Montobbe pranbhorena,
Allaade chitkar.

Chitkar ta kolonko shoy,
Abar notun rup,
Dwando take keu porena,
Jibonto nishchup.

June 15, 2010

Morning shows the day

It was 8 o’clock in the morning.I was still in my bed.Opened my eyes.Sunshine.Oh no!

Jesus Christ Its another day again.I want to sleep again.
I closed my eyes to sleep again.Alas!!!.All doors were closed for the ‘Land Of Sleep’ as it was  8 am.

I opened my eyes.Turned around my  bed.
Oh my God.

A man in white clothes was just sitting  behind my bed, waiting for a joyfull  glance of mine.
Greeted me “Hi Dude Watz Up?.”
I said “Nothing new but Who are you?
He said “I read all your posts in wordpress,as i do with others.
I am an invisible(generally) person who reads every posts those get published to wordpress database.”

I said “Oh thanks,but are my posts are nice in wordress?
Will they would bring traffic?
Will people be liking my posts?
Will i be getting google adds?
What do you say?”
He said :”Joy, POSTS to me is

P – Purely
O – Original content which
S – Sounds
T –  True in all
S – Situations.”

I maintain a InspiredBloggerList of mine for those whose posts meets this criteria.
I said :”What the F ?!!!Am i doing all this to get into ur fking InspiredBloggerList.
I mean who are you?Why should I write  the way you mentioned it.?”

He said smilingly : “Joy,those enlisted in InspiredBloggerList recieves inspiration silently.Isn’t that?”
and got vanished.

I was bedazzled,perplexed,confused.
what had happened to me?
With whom I was talking few minutes back?
What’s the time now?
its 8:30 am only Jesus Christ.
Common Joy Its another Day and let’s start it as better we can.

wait a minute ?
You said ‘we can’ right Joy?
‘We’ means???
Who is the 2nd person in ‘We’
ist person is me.
next person is Jesus.
Arise Joy Its Today.

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