November 14, 2010

nPve Emotions

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What are the negative and positive emotions?

If you become aware of a certain emotion,and by your becoming aware emotion dissolves,it is negative.If by your becoming aware of a certain emotion you then become the emotion,if the emotion then spreads and becomes your being,it is positive.

Awareness works differently in both cases.If it is a poisonous emotion,you are relieved of it through awareness.If it is good,blissful,ecstatic,you become one with it.Awareness deepens it.

So to me this is the criterion:if something is deepened by your awareness,it is something good.If something is dissolved through awareness,it is something bad.That which cannot remain in awareness is sin and that which grows in awareness is virtue.Virtue and sin are not social concepts,they are inner realizations.

Use your awareness.It is just as if there is darkness and you bring in light:the darkness will be no longer there.Just by bringing light in,the darkness is no longer there,because, really it was not.It was negative, just the absence of light.But many things will become manifest which are there.Just by bringing light, these shelves, these books,these walls,will not disappear.In darkness they were not;you could not see them.If you bring light in,darkness will be no longer there,but that which is real will be revealed.

Through awareness all that is negative like darkness will dissolve – hatred,anger,sadness,violence.Then love,joy,ecstasy,will , for the first time, become revealed to you.


June 21, 2010

help each other

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It always happens that when people are alone they  become fed up with their aloneness.They are sad,but calm and quiet;not excited about life.So they seek somebody,some relationship,and then the excitement comes,but with it  come many problems – anger , fight , jealousy, and a thousand and one other things.

Unless you can be calm and quiet in love,love is not going to solve anything.It has to be understood that love it itself,or just by having a relationship with someone,is not going to give you happiness,unless you bring happiness with you.And if you don’t have happiness,it is better to be alone.

And this always happens:unhappy people seek a relationship,thinking they are unhappy because they are alone.That is not the real thing,They are unhappy-whether they are alone or in a relationship makes no difference.And when you are together your unhappiness will become more intense;it cannot disappear just  by being together.You have to drop it.

Always remember that when someone is with you,he is with you to be happy.Everybody is seeking his own happiness.but whenever someone is in love,you start having illusion that he is seeking your happiness.Why should he be?

If you both bring happiness,the relationship can be beautiful;otherwise it is going to be on the rocks any day.So whenever a relationship start it is good,because both are deceiving each other unknowingly.Only the beautiful face is there,and only when things settle does the ugly face come up.Then reality erupts and things go wrong.

If you feel that you have to cathart,then close the room and cathart a pillow.Why destroy a relationship for it?Everyone is seeking,his own happiness and there is nothing wrong in it.That’s the only way to seek happiness.If you are together,help each other.If you feel it is harmful separate.But remember,it is not only with this relationship;it is going to be so.

One should learn from every experience.Nothing is bad because everything can become a learning.


October 28, 2009


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Rooted Tree


If you are rooted in love,you are rooted

There is no other way to be rooted

You can have money,you can a house,you can have security,you can have a bank balance;those things will not give you rootedness.They  are  just  substitutes, a poor substitute for love.They may increase your anxiety even more,because once you have physical security-money,  a  social status-you became more and more afraid that these things may be taken from you.Or you become worried about having more and more of these things,because discontent knows no limit.And your basic need was of being rooted.

Love is the earth where one needs to be rooted.Just as trees are rooted in the earth,human beings are rooted in love.Our roots are invisible,so anything visible is not going to help.Money is very visible, a house is very visible,social status is very visible.But we are trees with invisible roots.You will have to find some invisible earth-call it love,call it godliness,call it prayer-but it is going to be something like that, something invisible, intangible,elusive,mysterious. You cannot catch hold of it.On the contrary,you will have to allow it to catch hold of you.


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