June 12, 2010

Accept YourSelf

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When you don’t accept  yourself,you become oversensitive to rejection.
When you don’t accept yourself you lose faith every time you trip over an old weakness.
When you don’t accept yourself,you try to beat others rather than seeking your best.
When you don’t  accept yourself,you overvalue material things.
When you don’t  accept yourself, you always feel lonely,and being with other people doesn’t seem to help.
When you don’t  accept yourself, you live in past.
Acceptance is not a hopeless position from which you can grow.
If you accept all of your life,none of it will have been wasted.
When you don’t  accept yourself,you dread what each day may   reveal about you.
When you don’t  accept yourself,the truth becomes your enemy.
When you don’t  accept yourself,you have no place to hide.
Accepting yourself is everything.
If you accept yourself,you can accept world.

I accept all of the parts of who I am .

What I cannot accept I forgive.

David Viscott

( Finding your Strength in Difficult Times)

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