June 10, 2010


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  1. One who doesn’t attends oneself seeks others attention.
  2. For  the assurance of comfort we are ready to be in pain.
  3. You can’t deceive your destiny.
  4. Assumption + Conclusion = Decision
  5. Confusion is best teacher for clarity.
  6. Live an unplanned Life.
  7. Intention Speaks.
  8. After commiting  a mistake , we know it as a mistake.
  9. Life is wild  flower.
  10. Its better to decide now than to regret later.
  11. We can’t change ourself we only pretend to be.
  12. What i write is what I’m confused about.
  13. Even though this palce  is crowded,i’ve my own small little place to stand.
  14. Code your way to Life.
  15. I ‘ve only seen her once,then often,then never ever.
  16. The phrase  ‘You Don’t  Love Me Anymore ‘ can be best realized when I  have stopped relating and have started expecting in a relationship.
  17. Don’t leave me‘ I guess it means  I ‘ve not accepted myself yet.
  18. Only when you can find your ‘you’ in something you become that thing.

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