May 26, 2013

olik sukh

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olik_sukh Tumio bojho,
Amio bujhi,
Aamader kaar saaji,
Chokh khule dekhi shokal tobuo,
Chokh bujhe ami raji.

Tumio khonjo,
Amio khunji,
Hariye jaoa chaabi,
Tai shikol diye aatke rakha,
Biponnotar dabi.

Tumio jano,
Amio jani,
Kothay koto sukh,
Tobuo jibon,
Aanke sarakhon,
Ek tukro olik sukh.

May 20, 2013


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With each steps, i am meeting moments, meeting fleeting-moments.
Everyday i am walking in,walking down,either in know places unknowingly,unknown places knowingly or
vice-versa.But walking.Covering distance to uncover the distant.Meeting ‘NEW’ being old.
I am walking my heart at every step.The travel writer intends to ink his imagination.
May his travelogue find a space through his journey.
Waking journey.


I  travelled a long way,
And would be travelling same,
I touched few souls,
Got burnt in flames.

I watched,
How mud got clayed,
How bangles got red,
How life still twinkles,
In a lampshade.

LIFE still burns,
All day all night,
Greeting in my HEART,
Turning candles to ‘sunlight’

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May 13, 2013

chasing you

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chasing you

May i write u something,
To tell u what i meant,
With august in my mind,
And a mythically lyrical bend.

Where the drops of dew are fresh,
And wings of love in zest,
Which conceals a poetic pain,
In dawn it moistens again.

It’s this secret day’s play,
Where the Potter basks his clay,
And fades the earthly slay,
With its eternal sprouting way.

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