June 15, 2010

Morning shows the day

It was 8 o’clock in the morning.I was still in my bed.Opened my eyes.Sunshine.Oh no!

Jesus Christ Its another day again.I want to sleep again.
I closed my eyes to sleep again.Alas!!!.All doors were closed for the ‘Land Of Sleep’ as it was  8 am.

I opened my eyes.Turned around my  bed.
Oh my God.

A man in white clothes was just sitting  behind my bed, waiting for a joyfull  glance of mine.
Greeted me “Hi Dude Watz Up?.”
I said “Nothing new but Who are you?
He said “I read all your posts in wordpress,as i do with others.
I am an invisible(generally) person who reads every posts those get published to wordpress database.”

I said “Oh thanks,but are my posts are nice in wordress?
Will they would bring traffic?
Will people be liking my posts?
Will i be getting google adds?
What do you say?”
He said :”Joy, POSTS to me is

P – Purely
O – Original content which
S – Sounds
T –  True in all
S – Situations.”

I maintain a InspiredBloggerList of mine for those whose posts meets this criteria.
I said :”What the F ?!!!Am i doing all this to get into ur fking InspiredBloggerList.
I mean who are you?Why should I write  the way you mentioned it.?”

He said smilingly : “Joy,those enlisted in InspiredBloggerList recieves inspiration silently.Isn’t that?”
and got vanished.

I was bedazzled,perplexed,confused.
what had happened to me?
With whom I was talking few minutes back?
What’s the time now?
its 8:30 am only Jesus Christ.
Common Joy Its another Day and let’s start it as better we can.

wait a minute ?
You said ‘we can’ right Joy?
‘We’ means???
Who is the 2nd person in ‘We’
ist person is me.
next person is Jesus.
Arise Joy Its Today.

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