November 29, 2010

fleeting moments of digha

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aakash chule

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               Ishan kone,
               Onno mone,
               Takiye chilam aaj,
               Jhake Jhake urlo pakhi,
               Shobuj  ronger saaj.

               Aash  colorer tshrit aar,
               Neelche aakash jeans,
               Ekta paakhi tshirt maajhe,
               Haasche ratri din.

               Ei uri ki sei uri bhab,
               Tshirt khachar fak,
               Collage chobi thukre beray,
               Nirbobodh unmad.

               Thokor gulo hoyto shune,
               Aami ishan kon,
               Tshirt paakhi aakash chule,
               Aamar nirbashon.


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Konta ke je sotti boli,
Konta ke je raat,
Konta kokhon thomke daray,
Aatke lolup haat.

Konta kokhun chupti kore,
Alto ador rong,
Konta abar durer sure,
Melay tasher rong.

Konta abar aaste kore,
Paashe boshay roj,
Kolpana tar chokher rekhay,
Khunjche jibon roj.

Sporshe Lal

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          Lekhar chole aalto kore,
          Haat bolano gal,
          Aalto kore tultule taan,
          Swochho Sporshe lal.

          Lal hoya gal,
          Choyale chibuk,
          Deher notun swar,
          Meyeta  amar shoddo jato,
          Matay amar ghor.

kolkata KOLKATA tei

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babughat eve

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November 28, 2010

ordhek ordhek

Tomar ongshe jonmo amar,
Tomar ongshe bash,
Tomar jonno likchi jibon,
Apon sorbonash.

Boshot jokhun sorboneshe,
Bhinte najehaal,
Brishti bheja ichhe niye,
Dekha koro kal.

Bhijbo dujon onno mone,
Ekmone eksaath,
Bolbo tokhun tomay cheye,
Jibon nipat jag.

Jag Juriye ongsho opar,
Opurno ordhek,
Sarbonashta muchbo dujon,
Ordhek Ordhek.

November 14, 2010

emotions as compass

If someone you did not know contacted you in some way and said to you, “Hello, you don‘t knowme. But I wanted to tell you that I‘ll never contact you in any way again”, you would say, “Alright”.You would not feel sad or disappointed that you would not hear from the stranger again. But if someone important to you were to tell you that, you would feel strong negative emotion. The emotion that you feel always indicates the vibrational difference between your point of desire andyour current thought. You could say that your emotions indicate the difference between your desireand your belief, or between your desire and your expectation. We like to explain that your emotions indicate the vibrational relationship between the vibration of who you have really become and whoyou‘re allowing yourself to be right now because of the thoughts you‘re thinking.

For example, when you‘re feeling proud of yourself, the feelings that you‘re experiencing are indicating alignment between the vibration, or thought, of your Inner-Being and the vibration or thought of you right here right now. When you feel ashamed or embarrassed, those feelings indicatethat you in your now are thinking thoughts about yourself that are very different from the thoughtsthat the broader part of you is having about you.

Before your emotions could be meaningful to you, before you could allow them to give you theprecise and perfect guidance that they‘re offering, you must understand that you are a being withtwo points of perspective that are continually relating to each other. When you understand that yourInner-Being, or the expanded being that you‘re becoming, stands as the furthermost culmination oflife and constantly calls you forward to that, then you begin to understand that feeling of passion oreagerness is present when you‘re allowing your movement toward your expanded Self. And youalso understand that feeling of being unfulfilled or of uneasiness, when you‘re not allowing yourmovement toward your expanded Self. There is just no way of getting around it. You must allowyourself to be the being that life has caused you to become, if you‘re to feel joy. And unless you‘refeeling joy, you‘re not allowing yourself to be that which life has caused you to become.

Abraham Hicks (-The Astonishing Power Of Emotions)


nPve Emotions

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What are the negative and positive emotions?

If you become aware of a certain emotion,and by your becoming aware emotion dissolves,it is negative.If by your becoming aware of a certain emotion you then become the emotion,if the emotion then spreads and becomes your being,it is positive.

Awareness works differently in both cases.If it is a poisonous emotion,you are relieved of it through awareness.If it is good,blissful,ecstatic,you become one with it.Awareness deepens it.

So to me this is the criterion:if something is deepened by your awareness,it is something good.If something is dissolved through awareness,it is something bad.That which cannot remain in awareness is sin and that which grows in awareness is virtue.Virtue and sin are not social concepts,they are inner realizations.

Use your awareness.It is just as if there is darkness and you bring in light:the darkness will be no longer there.Just by bringing light in,the darkness is no longer there,because, really it was not.It was negative, just the absence of light.But many things will become manifest which are there.Just by bringing light, these shelves, these books,these walls,will not disappear.In darkness they were not;you could not see them.If you bring light in,darkness will be no longer there,but that which is real will be revealed.

Through awareness all that is negative like darkness will dissolve – hatred,anger,sadness,violence.Then love,joy,ecstasy,will , for the first time, become revealed to you.



                  Udbhot ek raasta jure,
                  Bigroho der bash,
                  Sarajibon pujor chole,
                  Japon karabash.

                  Karabasher bhetor gora,
                  Arup roton dhon,
                  Bigrohoder praner prodip,
                  Jolchhe Sarakhhon.

                  Jolonto sei agni shikhay,
                  Manash chokhhu dan,
                  Praner pore pran mishe jay,
                  Bigroho uthhan.

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