April 4, 2012

book warm

In this moonlit darkness,with street lamps glowing like lanterns,shading an silhouette effect in the corner of the street,where an empty book stall was the night charmer for me today.The array of clips those that holds tight abreast books,magazines,periodicals had just slept off.

Bookshelves are just like empty classrooms.It echoes the gossip and chitchat noises of the entire day daily at this time.The empty bookshelves now,echoes the need of students,housewives,sports fans,social beings,examinees and lastly newly tasting pubertians all through books,magazines newspapers and periodicals.

With chaitra breeze in my streets,the shelves were humming along with torn-out newspaper pieces and front-page cover in the words and music of a country blue.

And still I’m searching
Yes I’m still searching
For a way we all can learn
To build a world
Where we all can share
The work,the fun
The food,the space
The joy,the paid,
And no one,no one,
Will ever,ever want or need
To be a millionaire
( pete seger )

Joy, a real sweetheart,the ISTIRI wala lives adjacent to the bookstall,the lunatic,the sabujpagol,was pressing dresses to deliver those at the end of the day to his para clients,while enjoying FM songs.

A part of song that reached my ears,

Aamar Boier thaake jomche dhulo,
Poth  harachhe shobdo gulo,
Hotath tomar kopal chulo,
Naarle kora dorja khulo…
( Anupam Roy,song name:Bijli Bati, Album Name:Durbine Chokh Rakhbo Na )

March 5, 2012

keu keu

Keu keu khub paare,
Dure thele dite,
Keu keu dure thake,
Kaache tene nite.

Keu keu dur theke,
Bhalobashe khub,
Keu keu paashe thake,
Tobu nishchup.

Keu keu chup chap,
Nirob birodh,
Bhenge debo churmar,
Nebo protishodh.

Tumi aaj ‘keu keu’,
Aamar awaj,
Kobitay dekha hoy,
Swadhin rewaj.

November 29, 2010


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Konta ke je sotti boli,
Konta ke je raat,
Konta kokhon thomke daray,
Aatke lolup haat.

Konta kokhun chupti kore,
Alto ador rong,
Konta abar durer sure,
Melay tasher rong.

Konta abar aaste kore,
Paashe boshay roj,
Kolpana tar chokher rekhay,
Khunjche jibon roj.

October 28, 2010

ekla bibhor

Hotath ekta biborno rong,
Subornomoy Alo,
Ondhokare ekpoloke jaliye dilo Alo. 

Alor kiron chitke jokhun,
Jollo pure chai,
Chai makha ei onge tokhun,
Smritir Stuti gai,
Smritir chota aapna hotei,
Khujche je tar poth,
Jachhe pure jachhe ure,
Apon joyo roth.

Jibon ekhun ekla bibhor,
Mounomukhor bash,
Sfulingotao dichhe abar,
Jolbar Ashswash.

October 27, 2010

aankche jibon

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Palette jure rong royeche chobir hortal,

Ronger  obhab  bhetortate  aankbo chobi kal,

Rongulo shob mische nijei bhetorta canvas,

Aapna hotei uthche fute chobii charipash,

Sei chobitei kanna haashi rosher shomahar,

Rongin  kore ekhun take  aankche protibar.

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