March 5, 2012

keu keu

Keu keu khub paare,
Dure thele dite,
Keu keu dure thake,
Kaache tene nite.

Keu keu dur theke,
Bhalobashe khub,
Keu keu paashe thake,
Tobu nishchup.

Keu keu chup chap,
Nirob birodh,
Bhenge debo churmar,
Nebo protishodh.

Tumi aaj ‘keu keu’,
Aamar awaj,
Kobitay dekha hoy,
Swadhin rewaj.

January 23, 2012

warmth untouched

Its when warmth of life fades away,we start basking in togetherness of a relation. We seek again the rain and rainbow in the peak of ‘Emotional Orgasm’s”.It fades but with shadows of memory.This  shadow which we marry forever with,we start relating like.

These/Those persons[personas], makes us giggle,makes us write poetry,gives a new world in a new realm.Gives us a new unheard,untouched sensitivity, which imbibes us with satin ribbon of subtle love which only our heart can express through eyes,play all its note,all  through its season.This ‘Sunset feeling’  dawns into us and allows us to sink deep within.

Somehow this ‘Shadow living’ gives us a ‘Shadow life’,but still,  something perceptible.We say ‘yes’ , and sail uncharted with each ‘New breathe’.With this ‘Spring in Heart’ we response back to ‘Life’ with a deep ‘Red’ kiss.

We touch it,we sense it.It throbs through us.

November 14, 2010

nPve Emotions

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What are the negative and positive emotions?

If you become aware of a certain emotion,and by your becoming aware emotion dissolves,it is negative.If by your becoming aware of a certain emotion you then become the emotion,if the emotion then spreads and becomes your being,it is positive.

Awareness works differently in both cases.If it is a poisonous emotion,you are relieved of it through awareness.If it is good,blissful,ecstatic,you become one with it.Awareness deepens it.

So to me this is the criterion:if something is deepened by your awareness,it is something good.If something is dissolved through awareness,it is something bad.That which cannot remain in awareness is sin and that which grows in awareness is virtue.Virtue and sin are not social concepts,they are inner realizations.

Use your awareness.It is just as if there is darkness and you bring in light:the darkness will be no longer there.Just by bringing light in,the darkness is no longer there,because, really it was not.It was negative, just the absence of light.But many things will become manifest which are there.Just by bringing light, these shelves, these books,these walls,will not disappear.In darkness they were not;you could not see them.If you bring light in,darkness will be no longer there,but that which is real will be revealed.

Through awareness all that is negative like darkness will dissolve – hatred,anger,sadness,violence.Then love,joy,ecstasy,will , for the first time, become revealed to you.


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