May 20, 2013


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With each steps, i am meeting moments, meeting fleeting-moments.
Everyday i am walking in,walking down,either in know places unknowingly,unknown places knowingly or
vice-versa.But walking.Covering distance to uncover the distant.Meeting ‘NEW’ being old.
I am walking my heart at every step.The travel writer intends to ink his imagination.
May his travelogue find a space through his journey.
Waking journey.


I  travelled a long way,
And would be travelling same,
I touched few souls,
Got burnt in flames.

I watched,
How mud got clayed,
How bangles got red,
How life still twinkles,
In a lampshade.

LIFE still burns,
All day all night,
Greeting in my HEART,
Turning candles to ‘sunlight’

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