November 5, 2010


Lovers can separate,but the understanding that has been gained in the company of the other will always remain as a gift.If you love a person,the only valuable gift that you can give to him or her is some quantity of understanding.

Talk to each other,and understand that sometimes your partner will need to be alone.And this is the problem:This need may not happen at the same time to both of you.Sometimes you want to be with her,and she wants to be alone-nothing can be done about it.Then you have to understand and leave her alone.Sometimes you want to be alone,but he wants to come to you-then tell him that you are helpless!
Just  create more and more understanding.That’s what lovers miss:They have enough love,but understanding, none, none at all.That’s why on the rocks of misunderstanding their love dies.Love cannot live without understanding.alone,love is very foolish;with understanding,love can live a long life, a great life-of many joys shared,of many beautiful moments shared,of  great poetic experiences.But that happens only through understanding.
Love can give you a small honeymoon,but that’s all.Only understanding can give you deep intimacy.And each honeymoon is followed by depression,anger,frustration.Unless you grow in understanding,no honeymoon is going to be of any help;it will be just like a drug.
So try to create more understanding.And even some day if you separate,the understanding will be with you,that will be a gift of your love to each other.

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