September 16, 2012

many times a day

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Many times a day,
And many times a day,
I still think of you,
Being all far away.

Being all far away,
Being all far away,
I’ve nothing more to say,
But missing you a lot,
Missing hell lot my way.

The way u used to say,
Still still as those days,
With these warm sunshine on my guitar,
I will sing those all my way.


January 21, 2012


I can paint my T’s,
I can write my songs,
I can tune them still,
I can live with my ‘wrongs’.

I can live by your side,
I can walk all along,
All i can’t do is this,
Change ‘me’ for my ‘wrongs’.

I can look through your eyes,
I can hear this whispering song,
I can still breathe together,
I can rejoice in my ‘wrongs’.

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