November 7, 2009

The elephant and the pig

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An  elephant took bath in a river and was walking on the road.When it neared a bridge,it saw a pig fully soaked in mud coming from the opposite direction.The elephant quietly moved to one side,allowed the dirty pig to pass and then continued its  onward  journey

The unclean pig later spoke to its friends in arrogance,”See how big I am;even the elephant was afraid of me and moved to one side,to let me pass”.

On hearing this,some elephants questioned their friend,the reason for its action.Was it  out of fear?The elephant smiled and replied,”I could have easily crushed the pig under my leg,but i was clean and the pig was very unclean.By crushing it,my leg will become dirty and I wanted to avoid it.Hence,I moved aside.”

This  story reveals that realised souls will avoid contact with vulgarity,not out of fear,but out of desire to keep away from impurity though they are strong enough to destroy the impurity.

–Acharya Ratnanada(Tales for young and the old)

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